Please take a look at this selection of photographs, along with the photographers' commentaries. All the images were taken by professional photographers using the SIGMA dp Quattro series compact digital cameras incorporating the full color FOVEON X3 direct image sensor. Please enjoy the dp Quattro series' astonishing 39 megapixel-equivalent ultrahigh resolution and natural rendering, together with the photographer's individual and diverse expression. The images in the gallery are in JPEG format. Most have been converted from RAW (X3F) files using Sigma Photo Pro and some were originally recorded in JPEG format by the camera. Images that have been retouched by the photographer in post processing have also been included.

Takahiko Masuda [Takahiko Masuda]

  • Takahiko Masuda, born in Tokyo Japan in 1961. He moved to America in 1994 and was mainly engaged in graphic design, taking photos in the West Coast. Since 2004, he worked for an image processing software firm in Silicon Valley as a graphic designer at first, later becoming a product manager of RAW image processing software because of his deep knowledge of photography. After coming back to Japan in 2008, he started to write for photo magazines, showing his works at photography exhibitions as a freelance photographer.
    A member of the management office of DENJUKU, a seminar of a digital photography. A member of the Japan Professional Photographers Society (JPS).
Masato Ono

Masato Ono

  • Masato Ono, born in Aichi prefecture in 1968. As a freelancer, he established his own photography studio in 1999 with his wife Yoko Ono, who is a photographer as well. He works in photography for magazines, stage etc. and as a lecturer. Except for business demand, he is also active in both domestic and overseas photography activities.
    Held personal photography exhibition “Shinra” in epSITE (2013).
    A member of Japan Professional Photographers Society (JPS).
Mina Daimon

Mina Daimon

  • Mina Daimon, born in 1977 in Yokohama, Kanagawa and graduated from Tokyo University of Agriculture. Currently based in Tokyo. She started as a photographer at a public exhibition held at the Ricoh photo gallery RING CUBE (Ricoh Imaging Square Ginza) in 2011. She was a finalist of the “1st Canon Photographers Session” and has collaborated with Muji as well as some other fashion brands. So far, she has held several exhibitions such as ”Portugal”(at Ricoh photo gallery RING CUBE) and “Today’s miniature garden” (at 72 Gallery) as well as published her photography collection “Al-Andulus” (by Ooka publishing). Website:

Takashi Shikano

  • Takashi Shikano, born in Tokyo in 1974 was graduated from Tama Art University and has experienced a variety of occupations before starting his career as a professional photographer. His works extend beyond Advertising to magazine photography while covering a variety of themes. His photography portfolio includes "Restoring Five-Storied Pagoda at Mt.MinobuKuonji Temple" and "Response of Mountain, Shichimenzan" (Heibonsha Limited, Publishers).

Kenji Mori

  • Kenji Mori, born in Yokohana, Tokyo in 1958, is a member of Japan Advertising Photographer’s Association (APA) currently. He stared learning photography by joining evening photography course through high school, studying with Takashi Hamaguchi, Tadahiko Hayashi, Shoji Ueda and Yoshikazu Shirakawa. His works have covered commercial photography widely such as editorial, music album jacket, corporate poster and calendar after the establishment of Kenji Mori Photography Office since 1979. Meanwhile, he has been holding exhibitions with the theme of “Tender photography” all over the country.
    Facebook Page:

Yukio Uchida [内田 ユキオ]

  • Yukio Uchida was worked as a civil servant but became a freelance after determining to devote himself to photography. He has an established reputation within the field of monochrome photography and has held several exhibitions at both Nikon and Fiji Photo Salon as well. Meanwhile, he is to remain active in entertainment photography field. By calling himself “The final liberal arts photographer”, he also contributes to camera magazines and newspapers actively and constantly.
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