Microsoft(R) Windows VistaTM Compatibility Announcement
We would like to inform customers of the compatibility of our digital SLR cameras when used with Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows VistaTM, launched on January 30th, 2007.
Sigma SD9 and SD10 cameras will not be recognized when connected to a Windows VistaTM equipped computer. There are no plans to release a firmware update for compatibility in the future.
Please use a CF card reader for transferring images from your CF card to your computer. Operation of SIGMA Photo Pro 2.1 and earlier versions with Windows VistaTM are not guaranteed. Please note that there is no schedule for making these versions compatible with Window VistaTM in the future.
The new Sigma SD14 is equipped with a mass storage connection and SIGMA Photo Pro3.0 and will be compatible with Windows VistaTM *

* This may vary depending on the system requirements of the personal computer that the customer uses. Compatibility problems may occur due to a variety of operating environments.

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