Windows7 Compatibility Announcement.
We would like to inform customers of the compatibility of our digital cameras and SIGMA Photo Pro Ver.3.5.2 when used with Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 7.

Digital cameras

The SD14, DP1, DP1s and DP2 are recognized as a mass storage device.
However the Sigma SD9 and SD10 cameras are not recognized when connected to a Windows 7 installed computer. There are no plans to release a firmware update for the compatibility in the future.
Therefore, please use a CF card reader to transfer images from your CF card to your computer.

SIGMA Photo Pro Ver.3.5.2

SIGMA Photo Pro Ver.3.5.2 can be used on computers with 32-bit Windows 7 installed. However, some sections of thumbnails cannot be displayed.
We have plans to provide updated software to solve this problem.
Availability of this updated version will be announced in the future.
This service is not available for 64-bit OS.

Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.

December 7th, 2009
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