The announcement of temporarily unavailability Firmware Ver.1.06 update service and new Date Time Adjustment Tool software available to download.
To our valued customers,

We have received inquiries regarding the firmware update failure is occurred when Ver1.06 is updated from some customers.
At present, we are investigating the solution for this problem.  However, it will take times.  In this circumstance, we decide to stop the download service for the update to Ver.1.06 by solving this problem.

Regarding the phenomenon that one-day advance of the date counter on X3F images taken after 1st January 2008 by SD14 cameras with firmware lower than Ver1.06, the Date Time Adjustment Tool is prepared.  Please use this tool for adjustment the date counter by the release of new firmware.
Date Time Adjustment Tool (for Windows/Macintosh) is available for download at the following site.
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